Why  telemedicine  for sessions and counseling

  • Counseling virtually at any time: early or late hours, weekends, or when out of town

  • Ability to journal, photo log, and goal set in one place

  • Easy  document-sharing ability for meal planning, fuel planning, and print-outs

  • Use of E-signatures for medical documentation

  • Allowance for clients to self-book for easy scheduling, and access to Superbills

  • Protected personal information. The telemedicine portal: Healthie,  is HIPAA-, PIPEDA-, and Level 1 PCI-compliant

Engagement with the mobile app (iOS, Android)

  • Photo food logging, journaling, and goal setting

  • Comments on photos for real-time feedback and accountability

  • Tracking of activities, goals, and responses. 

  • Secure messaging for communication between sessions

  • Video consultations and scheduling on-the-go

  • Integrated activities from wearables like Fitbit (for athletes)