Nutrition & Movement Therapy  
Individual and family virtual telemedicine counseling. Phone and video sessions available in the privacy of your own home, or dorm. 

Eating Disorders Nutrition  Therapy

Athletes with Eating Disorders Therapy

Food & Body Therapy

Intuitive Eating Counseling

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Eating Disorders Resources

Sports Nutrition Resources

Intuitive Eating Courses

Body Positive Courses

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Courses & Support Programs  

Online Programming, allowing choice of topic and learning pace. Guided resources and coursework utilizing multiple tools for understanding and engagement. All offerings are supportive in an individual or group format.

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Frequently Asked Questions  //

​​What insurance is taken for services?

At this time, DeHamer Dietetics is not accepting any insurance. Superbills documenting diagnostic billing codes, can be requested in order for clients to submit to individual plans and receive a percentage reimbursement, depending on your insurance plan details.

How much is the cost of each session?

Session fees change annually to match cost-of-living increases. Current fees are $195 per session. Please contact by phone or email for any further questions about fees and charges for services.

How long is each session?

Initial and follow-up sessions are both 55 min-1 hour. Each session is a flat fee.

How will I start the video session?

You will receive a direct email invitation to the session (you will need a computer, with a webcam, or a smartphone and strong internet connection). This will happen after contacting DeHamer Dietetics for further details.

How will I be billed for services?

Billing information will be collected with other introductory information when your profile is created. Credit cards will be charged after the session that day, or in the following week. Please discuss ahead of time if other arrangements need to be made.